Way back in 2005, in a galaxy far, far away (well, Chicago)...

The founders of Adar were running an IT services company for small businesses. Most of their time was spent repairing broken and outdated servers, as well as backing up data that had been stored locally at each business – not the best use of IT consultant hours.
Then, a light bulb came on. To stop these problems in their tracks, the team started providing online backup services. They would host all of a customer’s data. Adar’s next thought was, “Exactly how much IT infrastructure should we look after - so our customers don’t have to?”
It turns out that everyone loved having someone else to look after all of their IT needs (of course), so the team decided to offer it as a full service to every new customer.
Enter Adar. The team became experts in data center operations, virtualization technologies (such as VMware), and storage technologies (such as NetApp and Nimble). Then, they worked out a clever way to deliver all IT infrastructure services - servers, desktops, backup, software and support - via one internet-based, secure private network they would call the Adar PrivateCloud.
Adar officially deployed the Private Cloud. Just like a real cloud, the size was flexible and could be made larger or smaller depending on how it would be used. So, whether it was a super small company or a medium to large sized one, customers got exactly the amount of IT they needed – no more, no less, no problem.
People were so crazy about PrivateCloud that the team could hardly keep up. Soon there were users all over the world, and year-on-year profitable growth rates of 70% - and that was just the beginning.

Now, Adar offers full, virtual IT services to organizations in a variety of industries, from healthcare, to non-profit, to legal, to financial services, and more.

Who We Are

Here at Adar, we’re all about the latest and greatest in the IT world. Our booming but still tight-knit team is made up of tech geeks all across the board – from technologists, to support, to sales, to marketing. All are working together to deliver to you the best IT possible.

We’re packed full of passionate techies who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best IT services on the market. We’re diverse, unique, and hard working. Oh, and we can’t forget about the fun - that’s a given around here.