What exactly happened?

Adar recently acquired Rigid Bits, a cybersecurity firm based in Denver. For the full scoop, read our press release.


Who are Adar and Rigid Bits? What do they do?

Adar is an IT managed services provider that helps businesses reduce the burden of deployment, management, optimization, and budgeting for IT needs. They pair cutting-edge cloud-based infrastructure, user desktops, and tools with security and support to maximize operational efficiency, while keeping people happy and productive. 

Rigid Bits is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses identify and reduce their cybersecurity risks through services, technology, and consulting. They work with leadership and IT teams to help re-enforce existing controls and meet compliance requirements.


What’s the idea behind this acquisition? 

Teams like yours need to keep up with the ever-evolving complexity of cyberattacks, compliance requirements, and support for remote work. Rigid Bits and their suite of cybersecurity services fits in perfectly with Adar’s mission to provide secure, compliant, and accessible customer solutions. By acquiring Rigid Bits, Adar customers now have access to new tools to enhance their cybersecurity measures and stay ahead of the game. Likewise, Rigid Bits clients now have access to resources to support internal and external IT needs required to implement cybersecurity best practices. 


Will this acquisition affect my agreement with Adar or Rigid Bits? Will my points of contact change?

Nope! Your current agreement with Adar and Rigid Bits will remain the same. Your current contacts will remain the same as well.

Rigid Bits clients will now have access to a billing department to help support an improved invoicing process (clients will receive direct information about any future changes to this process). The Rigid Bits team is all coming along for this acquisition, and you will continue to work with the same contacts you have used in the past. 


Is this impacting how Rigid Bits delivers their services?

Rigid Bits will continue to operate independently from Adar’s IT operations and support teams. Additionally, Rigid Bits remains mindful of IT partners and ensures controls are in place to respect their relationship with their clients. 


How do I learn more about the Adar IT and Rigid Bits Cybersecurity services that are available? 

If you’re interested in learning about the full suite of services we offer, please contact Ryan Smith at Ryan@rigidbits.com


I have clients that ask me about cybersecurity, can Rigid Bits still help them?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Ryan Smith (Ryan@rigidbits.com) to learn more about how we can help. 


What’s coming next for new services?

By combining our joint expertise in IT, cybersecurity, and the insurance industry, we’re planning on launching a new pillar of our business soon: Agency Services! Stayed tuned for more information about how we are planning to help agencies optimize their agency operations, build better connectivity across systems, and analyze data. 


Will Rigid Bits and Adar still be involved in associations and networks that we’re participating in?

Yes, and we’re doing more! On top of growing and maintaining our relationships with NetVU, Vertafore, Applied Client Network, and Applied Systems, we’re already planning joint appearances at Applied Net 2022 and NetVU’s Accelerate 2023! 


If you have questions that weren’t addressed here, reach out using the “Contact Us” button below. 


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