NAP: Banishing the Headaches of Managing Users and Their Desktops

In today’s blog post I want to talk to you about a specific feature of Nerdio and the Nerdio Admin Portal that I really love. I know what you’re thinking – “You’re the CEO and probably love everything about the portal.”


What’s not to love?  The beautiful user interface, ease of use, doing things with a few clicks that took hours — the list goes on.

So, here’s the thing: if I (of all people) have one particular feature I really love, then you can be sure it’s something worth taking a few minutes to read about.

Let me paint a real-life scenario that I’ve gone through at a previous job. I worked for a small company as your run-of-the-mill techie, which meant any time a new employee came on board I was off to Fry’s to buy a new laptop for the right price.

Next, I had to buy all the right software the new employee would need: Windows, Microsoft Office, Kaspersky etc etc etc. Then back to the office so I could spend hours setting up an email account, network login, installing everything on the laptop, making sure the new user has access to the right network drives and folders, making sure the new user is on the right mailing lists, etc.

Sound familiar? Are you getting the techie-rage-tremors in your hands yet?

Fast forward to Nerdio and Nerdio Admin Portal. When one of our customers has a new employee, here’s all they have to do –

  1. Login to the portal and navigate to the Users module.
  2. Click “Add user” and enter the user’s information.
  3. Select an existing user the new user will be modeled after. For example, if this is someone on the sales team, select another sales team member to copy from.edit-user
  4. Click the “Save” button.
  5. Sit back, relax and watch as Nerdio creates a new user, sets up an email account & network login, creates a new desktop in the cloud with all the right software, and finally – wait for it – even emails login instructions to you and the new user.

There’s a lot of magic happening behind the scenes. We use what’s called a “golden desktop image” to stamp out desktops. Nerdio Admin Portal is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, virtualization technology, etc. to make all this happen. But you get the idea:

Error prone tedious tasks that you did across systems can now be accomplished with a few clicks in the portal.

And no more techie-rage-tremors.


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