New Year, New Us: Starting The New Year With a Bang

There’s nothing better than going into the New Year on a high note. Nerdio rounded out 2016 with high praise from, the fiercely independent site for all things desktop virtualization. Considering 2016 was the productizing and rebranding of Nerdio, we’d say that’s pretty cool.

The article, by desktop virtualization expert Gabe Knuth, points out how Nerdio is changing the game in and beyond the DaaS space. We’re proud of our entire Nerdio family that worked so tirelessly over the past year to put together such a great offering.

We have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop even more awesome capabilities. For example, we’ll continue to build out the NAP (Nerdio Admin Portal) with tons of new features for IT Admins and MSPs to manage the entire IT environment, all from a central location, rather than running around trying to put out fires. So, stay tuned.

We’re sure that the full spectrum of Nerdio will be interesting to anyone looking to simplify and strengthen their current IT environment. For now, rather than continuing to toot our own horn, we’ll end this brief post with excerpts from Gabe’s article:

“This surprisingly-complete platform offers an interesting take on DaaS and IaaS… As you can tell I’m excited about this … We’re finally seeing affordable bundling of services along with DaaS that make DaaS a more viable option… All of a sudden I’m looking forward to DaaS in 2017!”

So are we, Gabe. So are we.

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