Why work for Nerdio

You mean, why NOT work for Adar, right?

We could go on and on about why to work here, but we’ve already covered that pretty well in our About section.

So, here’s a few reasons not to:

If you don’t like to have fun

If you love to hate your job

If you are already a billionaire

If you are not born yet

If you’re not convinced (but why, though?), we have the proof that Adar is a great place to plant your career roots.
Check out what our past and present employees have to say:

The Gig

As Nerdio grows, we grow. Which means we need more awesome tech nerds to join us on our journey to rescue clients.
Here’s our, and hopefully your, profile:

We believe that you should love your job.
We believe in work/life balance.
We believe in making a difference.
We believe in having fun.

After all, you spend a lot of time at work.
Why not work somewhere amazing?

On a mission together

IT is complicated. It takes a lot of brain power to build, promote, sell, deliver, and support a complete package full of greatness. That’s why all of our Nerdios work closely together to achieve what’s best for our clients – an awesome, headache-free IT solution. We’re happy to do the heavy lifting for them. Why else would we keep the coffee selection fully stocked?

Who we’re looking for

We’re on the hunt for tech savvy, fun loving, optimists who are eager to help our clients change the way IT works at their organizations.

Work with Us

If you want to be a part of something great and you think you have what it takes to fit in with us nerds of all flavors, check out our open positions below. We’d love to meet you over a delicious donut and your dark beverage of choice (for us, it usually involves copious amounts of caffeine).