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We’re guessing you’re here for one of two reasons. Either you love tech and you’re here to check out the specs, or your boss sent you here to see if Adar IT-as-a-Service will work for your company.

Either way, we’re here for it. Your boss might be checking out cloud-based IT to cut costs, but we like to think of it as hooking up our fellow IT workers. Late-night support calls? Handled. A software patch you’re worried is going to break your SQL server? Our experts are already testing it. Server room on fire? Never – our servers are too cool to catch fire.

So, what’s our secret? We utilize industry-leading cloud IT infrastructure platform, for Private Cloud, to deliver you a comprehensive and seamlessly-integrated IT environment. Adar IT-as-a-Service gets you complete IT infrastructure and comes pre-configured and ready to use – just add users, apps, and data. Here at Adar, we handle the grunt work, so you can focus on the things you enjoy. Like writing scripts to optimize workflows, researching new tech, analyzing ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of your local assets, “monitoring the network” (we know – totally not the same as “surfing the Web”). Let’s dive into the details, shall we?


(AKA the Tech Stuff)


(AKA the Geek Stuff)


(AKA the Dweeb Stuff)

SpecMinimum RequirementsRecommended
Internet ConnectionBroadband (500kbps/100kbps per user down/up)1mbps per user, with high-speed LAN
Personal ComputingYour existing laptops, desktops, etc .Basic monitors with zero-client boxes, or smart monitors
User Device Operating SystemWin 7+, Linux, Mac 10.6.8+, iOS 6+, Android... or just an HTML5 browserTeradici chipset-based purpose built zero client
Note: For end user devices, simply adding inexpensive zero-client boxes to your existing monitors is the best and cheapest way to go. Or, you’re totally welcome to bring your existing hardware to the party.

Cool Extras

Redundancy at every step. We even make backups of the backups. Because it’s important to make sure your stuff is always available.
Fully and constantly encrypted. You’re putting your trust in us. We totally respect that, and take extra care to make sure your data’s safe.
Help with onboarding. We know the prospect of change can cause apprehension. Don’t worry, we make it super easy for you.
We’re known for being understanding, patient, and friendly – you’ll find we aim to please.

No surprises. That’s why we’re really transparent with our pricing and all aspects of Adar. We talk about everything openly. Got questions? Fire away – we’re happy to chat.

We want to impress you. Like you, we think technology is amazing for the ways it can open up new possibilities. Let us support you on the tech, that way, you’ll be able to shine.
Sense of urgency – we know you expect both speedy response and speedy resolution. What’s important for you is equally important for us, too.