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We’re guessing you’re here for one of two reasons. Either you love tech and you’re here to check out the specs, or your boss sent you here to see if Adar IT-as-a-Service will work for your company.

Either way, we’re here for it. Your boss might be checking out cloud-based IT to cut costs, but we like to think of it as hooking up our fellow IT workers. Late-night support calls? Handled. A software patch you’re worried is going to break your SQL server? Our experts are already testing it. Server room on fire? Never – our servers are too cool to catch fire.

So, what’s our secret? We partner with industry-leading cloud IT infrastructure platform, Nerdio for Private Cloud, to deliver you a comprehensive and seamlessly-integrated IT environment. Nerdio IT-as-a-Service gets you complete IT infrastructure and comes pre-configured and ready to use – just add users, apps, and data. Here at Adar, we handle the grunt work, so you can focus on the things you enjoy. Like writing scripts to optimize workflows, researching new tech, analyzing ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of your local assets, “monitoring the network” (we know – totally not the same as “surfing the Web”).

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?


(AKA the Tech Stuff)

We know cloud-based services are only as fast and secure as the network. But we’ve set up a really great one. Let us show you around.

Nerdio includes virtual server infrastructure built in the cloud and customized for your unique network.

Each server environment is secure and isolated, and includes multiple virtual machines, all locked behind firewalls and military-grade Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention Systems.

Nerdio enables a uniform desktop experience per user, hosted in the cloud, and connected to your virtual server infrastructure via a 10GbE network. We made this to be as simple and secure as it could be. Accessible from anywhere, and on almost any device (sorry, flip-phone users). So users get the same experience across devices and locations, just as if they were at their in-office machine.

We also use the PCoIP protocol, which means the only data transmitted are pixels, clicks, and keystrokes. This is nothing like remote desktop over some antiquated Citrix server-client rig. It’s a nimble, responsive virtual desktop with dedicated resources. And here are more techie goodies for you:

We all know and love Software-as-a-Service. These are all included in your monthly subscription. We manage the updates and testing. And we throw in a few freeware extras for you, along with the ability for you to download any others that you want.

We preconfigure your communication to make it easy to phone home. We offer email management, plus archival if you need it. Want to know more? Here you go:

Network Infrastructure

10GbE network backbone

Isolated VLAN private to your company

Dedicated Fortigate Next-Gen virtual firewall with intrusion prevention, content filtering and gateway antimalware

LAN for internal workloads and DMZ for publically facing servers

Multi-Gbps internet connectivity

Server Infrastructure

Server 2016 or 2012 R2 server-side environment

SSD-accelerated SAN storage

Built on VMware vSphere and Horizon View architecture

World-class redundancy with High Availability (HA) and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS)

Unlimited virtual servers – within vRAM limits

Up to 20GB plus 2GB for each user of server vRAM

Up to 200GB plus 20GB for each user of SSD-accelerated SAN storage for servers

Dedicated Active Directory

Dedicated file server with group-level and user-level file security

Dedicated application and database servers

Pre-configured HIPAA-compliant privacy and security protocols

VMware Horizon View Security Gateway in DMZ and Connection Manager on LAN

Pre-configured ADFS Proxy Server in DMZ and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for Office 365 SSO

Virtual Desktop

Dedicated virtual desktop per user – up to 4CPUs/8GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 1000mbps NIC, and quad-monitor support

Available in two Windows desktop flavors – 10 or 8.1 – running on top of rock solid Windows Server 2016 and 2012 R2 operating system

The entire desktop is accessible through an installed client application, HTML5-based browser, or mobile app

Natively-encrypted PCoIP protocol

Golden Image template configured for your unique network environment makes deploying new desktops super easy

Renders ready-to-click in milliseconds (go ahead – speedcheck us!) with up to 1000mbps internet connection

Software Suites

Microsoft Office 365 to be installed on up to five machines (and unlimited mobile devices) for each user
- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access

Microsoft OneDrive with up to 1TB storage for every user
- Share large files with users outside of your organizations
- Synch files from user’s virtual desktop to local computer to be worked on while offline

SharePoint Online

Kaseya Remote Management platform to monitor all your servers and desktops and provide remote support to your users

Automatic weekly software updates

Employee Productivity Tracking (totally optional)

Firefox, Chrome, NitroPDF, Notepad++, and other freeware productivity tools

Most importantly – guaranteed support for all of your existing (or new) Windows or Linux applications

Email and Communications

100GB Exchange Mailbox (that’s right – no more small mailbox limits for your users to complain about)

Unlimited size personal email archive for those users needing more than 100GB of email (you know who they are)

Mimecast email archiving, filtering and encryption

Skype for Business instant messaging and screen sharing

Site-to-site IPSec VPN encrypted communication between offices


(aka the Geek Stuff)

You may have noticed we talk about security a lot. Well, we take it really seriously. We use military and government grade encryption and security protocols. We also use best-in-class user account management suites, so you can remove a user’s access with one swift click. Plus:

We’re pretty proud to have a Net Promoter Score of 75. People love us. Which is terrific, because we take great care of our customers. We want to get technology out of the way of your productivity. We can even interface with your vendors for you. Answer your questions. Talk with you about strategy and best practices. We’ll even help train users and admins.

Ever have to tell the boss his data’s gone? Yikes. We built our whole platform around redundancy. Even after an earthquake, tornado, gremlins, we’ll have you back up and running in a jiffy. We even situated our data centers in different time zones across the country for maximum network uptime (100% to be exact).

OK, we admit it, we love this stuff. We already mentioned our data centers, but we just wanted to take a minute more to share some of the tech we use there. Bask in the glory of high-density blade servers, 10GbE and 40GbE LAN, and SSD SAN. We even use handprint ID sensors (which are way cooler in person than on TV). Thirsting for more?

Cutting-Edge Security

SOC 2 Type 2 audited Tier III data center

Dedicated Next-Gen firewall

Kaspersky AntiVirus on all desktops and servers

Fault tolerant dedicated compute capacity

Multi-factor factor authentication to protect against password theft

Identity Access Management (password manager and single-sign on)

SAN-level encryption of data-at-rest

Natively encrypted data transmission

Award-Winning Support

Nerdio Tier-2 Technical Liaison to help plan and manage your service

Proactive system monitoring, notification, and remediation

Internet connectivity monitoring

Industry-certified support agents (who speak American English)

Vendor collaboration – even ISPs and hardware vendors

Back-end patching, updates, antivirus, and backup

24/7/365 helpdesk support available (phone, chat, and email)

24/7/365 system monitoring and proactive problem remediation

User-accessible password recovery by SMS

Legendary Reliability (and Disaster Recovery)

Multiple Tier III data centers

PCoIP protocol allows for great user experience even on higher latency connections

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – Never lose more than one hour of data changes

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – Be back online within four business hours in case of a regional disaster

Up to hourly full data backups

Continuous, secure out-of-state replication

Standby DR capacity to bring up a secondary system

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to define policies to prevent unauthorized removal of data with personal devices, flash drives, external cloud storage, or personal email.

Data Center Technology

Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade servers

Dell Force10 Switches

Nimble Storage SAN

40GbE core network

Multiple BGP blended internet circuits

Next-Gen UTM/Intrusion Prevention Systems

Onsite Video Surveillance

Two-Factor Physical Identity Authentication

Isolated Data Suites

Redundant backup UPS and diesel generators for emergency power

Annual SOC2 type 2 audits

Now let's get into the nitty-gritty.


(AKA the Dweeb Stuff)

Specs Minimum Requirements Recommended
Internet Connection Broadband (500kbps/100kbps per user down/up) 1mbps per user, with high-speed LAN
Personal Computing Your existing laptops, desktops, etc . Basic monitors with zero-client boxes, or smart monitors
User Device Operating System Win 7+, Linux, Mac 10.6.8+, iOS 6+, Android... or just an HTML5 browser Teradici chipset-based purpose built zero client

Note: For end user devices, simply adding inexpensive zero-client boxes to your existing monitors is the best and cheapest way to go. Or, you’re totally welcome to bring your existing hardware to the party.

Just a few things we thought were awesome.
Because we love to share.


Redundancy at every step. We even make backups of the backups. Because it’s important to make sure your stuff is always available.

No surprises. That’s why we’re really transparent with our pricing and all aspects of Nerdio. We talk about everything openly. Got questions? Fire away - we’re happy to chat.

Fully and constantly encrypted. You’re putting your trust in us. We totally respect that, and take extra care to make sure your data’s safe.

We want to impress you. Like you, we think technology is amazing for the ways it can open up new possibilities. Let us support you on the tech, that way, you’ll be able to shine.

Help with onboarding. We know the prospect of change can cause apprehension. Don’t worry, we make it super easy for you.

Sense of urgency – we know you expect both speedy response and speedy resolution. What’s important for you is equally important for us, too.

We’re known for being understanding, patient, and friendly - you’ll find we aim to please.

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