Migration & Onboarding

Nerdio takes the onboarding process very seriously. After all, this is your sensitive data. Here’s how it works…

Technical Consultation
You’ll immediately be connected to your assigned Onboarding Engineer. This person will schedule a kickoff call with you to chat about your expectations and the winning plan of action. Our approach is to be completely transparent with you – we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

Then our team will begin the discovery process. This is where we take several snapshots of all your data and copy them over to your cloud, piece by piece. This process is time-consuming, but oh so worth it. We leave no one (or, rather, no piece of data) behind. We’ll continue the snapshot process several times until you’re ready to go live. Then it will officially be time to transfer your team to your private cloud.

Seamless Integration
The migration process will be totally seamless. One day your staff will be working on their old, unsafe desktops. The next day they all will be on their brand-spanking new Nerdio private cloud desktops, with the same user experience they had before – just with way better security, flexibility, and more.

Post-launch Care
And don’t worry a bit – we won’t leave you hanging. Having trouble logging in? Solved. Don’t know how to set up your new scanners on your cloud desktops? We’ve got you covered. Your personal engineer will remain in contact with you until everything is running super smoothly.

Once everything is all set, then your team has direct access to all of our very knowledgeable — and friendly, might we add — support team. These experts can be reached via phone or email for any of your IT needs. Go on, call me maybe.

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