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Ask anybody – the worst place to put critical company data are on your local PCs. Not only is that data vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and other invisible enemies, but PCs themselves can easily be lost or stolen. Or files be accidentally deleted. Mistakes happen. Hey, you’re human after all.

Is this making you feel a little uneasy? Then it’s time we talked. With Nerdio, your data is safe and sound in your private cloud, regardless of device or location. Your system will be protected by super-sophisticated firewalls and encryption. It always will be up-to-date, with the latest antivirus and antispyware software. In fact, your private cloud will have the security, protection, and encryption technology usually reserved exclusively for Fortune 500 companies. It doesn’t get better than that, people.

Hardware Redundancy & Uptime
So how do we protect your organization from hardware failure, you ask? Here’s the dealio. No matter the size of your organization, Nerdio ensures every single piece of hardware used is fully redundant. That means servers, storage devices, routers and firewalls. Everything. And redundancy here isn’t a bad thing. It means if something fails, downtime isn’t going to be an issue. That’s because our systems automatically transfer to another functional device. And we promise 100% network uptime. Now that’s awesome.

Not Local = No Worries
So, with your systems and data safely in highly-secure locations, you probably get it now – your laptops and smartphones are actually screenshots of what is being stored in your private cloud servers. So you’ll never risk or lose any data if one if those devices is lost, stolen, or even broken.

For example, if a thief takes your laptop, he or she won’t be able to access any files without your Nerdio credentials. And there’s nothing on the desktop to snatch up (nothing is stored locally). If a device were to break, that’s okay. Simply get up, scoot over to another device and login. Then continue working on the same document. You can fix that broken thing later, right? Didn’t we say we make things easy?

Next, let’s imagine for a moment someone on your team accidentally deletes a super important file (it happens to the best of us). Don’t freak out. Simply right click on the folder where that file was stored and select “previous versions.” You’ll find dozens of versions of each document from the last 30-60 days. Voilà!

And if something happens where your employees are forced from your office locations, no problem. They can continue working from anywhere and from any device without an issue, thanks to Nerdio.

All of our plans come with a fully-loaded backup strategy. Even our backups have backups. Want it backed up every day? More of an every hour kind of person? You got it. No headaches, no lost files, and no panic.

Secure Data Centers
Whether that’s locally or within the Nerdio data centers (or both), your data is safe. We store these backups in high-security facilities that are cooled, fire-safe, and in various locations across the country. But even if you’re not storing federal-level secrets, we’ll still treat your data like confidential material. Also, entry to each one of these facilities is highly restricted, with multiple security measures. We don’t mess around.

Disaster Recovery

Our Enterprise solution even comes with an extra Disaster Recovery option. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Why? I know this is hard to believe but, unfortunately, we still haven’t bent the natural elements to our will.  To help prevent a disaster within your organization, we’ve set up a fool-proof system. Enter a much-needed disaster recovery plan with a dedicated, standby DR compute facility. Now you can sleep soundly.

Employee Permissions

When you have Nerdio, all data is completely yours. At any time, it can be moved, copied locally, or even deleted. All authorized administrators will have unrestricted access — anytime, anywhere.

We get that not every employee should be granted permission to certain files, or even the system in general. We, of course, have a solution for that. The desktops can be accessed 24/7/365. But we have the ability shut off user access during specific times if you would like. Don’t want your staff to have access to private files after business hours or on weekends? No problem. We’ve got you, or rather your data, covered.


For all of you in the healthcare or related industries, fear not. We know you have to deal with a whole other realm of compliance-related security issues. That’s why Nerdio offers full HIPAA compliance in every aspect of our business. Our processes include all of the required administrative, physical, and technical safeguards mandated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. And that’s a lot.

Some of Nerdio’s safety-first processes include:

  • Access control using unique user IDs
  • Automatic log off
  • Disaster recovery and offsite backups
  • Protection of your clients’ personal information against unauthorized public access

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