Gone are the days when you needed to house big, bulky servers in your office – or anywhere else for that matter. Isn’t that wonderful? You can do so much more with the boatload of bucks needed to maintain them – or replace them every four years or so. But you don’t need them anymore! Nerdio will securely store all of your data. That’s right, all of it.

Private Cloud

And it’s your organization’s own personal private cloud. The benefit of that? It’s another layer of protection – you won’t need to share a cloud with any other business. You’ll get one all to yourself. Not only will keeping your files in private cloud servers save you pots of dollars, it also can:

  • Save face (you can avoid having to explain to your clients/customers where their data went)
  • Protect your you-know-what (you can avoid having to explain to the boss where the big project went)
  • Save a few other body parts, too. You can thank us later.

Your files will be backed up regularly to our data centers rather than staying put on local devices. So you won’t lose your data. Unless you enjoy redoing work.

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